Monday, June 17, 2013

Google earth kmz file of ALL Chinese roads, tunnels and military extablishments in the Aksai Chin region

OK folks, its done. It took me a while but the following is the link to a Google earth community post with a kmz file marking all roads, military posts and tunnels that I could find in the Aksai Chin region. Lots of things to say but I can only do it one by one, slowly. This file will serve as reference. Sorry about the silly road names and markers.!topic/gec-member-centric-locations/som2Lmm9dU0

Maybe I wil also upload the file elsewhere on a Google drive share in due course.


  1. Thanks this is very helpful to understand things.

  2. Thanks... this is great, which helped me complete some incomplete tracks. But there is one road going from Aksai Chin to Tibet area within the LAC crossing a great mountain ridge. It seems to rise to an unmarked 5953 meter pass. Could you guys please take a look at it??
    Coordinates of this pass: 34deg 25' 14.90" N 79 deg 14' 08.38"E
    There seems to be a route connecting north towards Aksai Chin and south towards Tibet, Pangong Tso and so on....