Monday, June 17, 2013

DF-31 missiles near Aksai Chin

About 50 km north of Aksai Chin, but in Xinjiang is a large Chinese military base that shows at least two trucks carrying DF-31 missiles

This is the location as a kmz file

Here is an image of those trucks


  1. How do we know these are DF-31?

  2. No proof. The shape and size match. Someone on tg Google Earth forum said they were concrete mixers but they are too big.

  3. Incidentally bennedose, the C130J+MI26 tag team operation in Dharasu is fantastic. The cost savings in moving to the C130J instead of repeated Mi26 trips is significant. And then within the next 12 hours an entire BRO unit has been placed on site with a large contingent of Paras!

    This is a template for the DBO airbridge.

    I don't know if the C130J can land in DBO... but if it can, then things will become quite interesting.

  4. BTW are there any eyewitness accounts of DF31s in the area?

    I ask because the 87 treaty forbids moving these systems into Tibet. If they got to Xinjiang from the base in Amdo, via the G218 - that means the Chinese violated the 87 peace and tranquility treaty.

    1. There can be no sure accounts on these, and it is impossible to keep signing treaties or keep ordering the Chinese, because they will not listen to anyone else. There is a good possibility that this is going to be their next operation into the Aksai Chin, and now they have been rightly positioned in Xinjiang within reach!

  5. What would they gain by moving the DF missiles into Aksai Chin?

  6. BTW - livefist has footage from a Searcher Mk II ex-Leh of a C130J landing at DBO.