Thursday, May 16, 2013


I created this blog so that people can post their thoughts on a subject here.

Using the comments section of a blog is not exactly very user friendly and precludes certain options like linking sites and pasting pictures. Also, I personally like to put up posts on my blog as researched articles rather than as a repository for thoughts on a topic.

Using this blog, we can pool thoughts together and time permitting, I'll put together a post which contains all the sum total of learning from various views expressed on the topic.

I've sent the author invite to few e-mail addresses I could think off from top of my head. Please drop a line in the comment section with your e-mail id if you'd like to contribute.



  1. hello Rohit,

    This is a good idea.

    Thank you for inviting me.

    I will contribute as regularly as I can.

  2. Hello Rohit and others,

    I have created a draft post on the blog.

    You can view it by hitting the "new post" button on the top right.

    Please read it and send me your comments.

    Please do not hit publish on the post.

  3. Sorry for the confusion

    To see the draft post - hit "new post" then hit then hit "Discussion Board" on the top left. This should bring up all posts that are in the process of being written up.

  4. Hello Rohit. I have been tracing some roads in the same areas. I would like to contribute articles (even if it is not regular I'll try to come up with interesting ones). I'm quite interested in Himalayan geography and the military situation. If you feel like adding me, please do add. I'm a regular visitor to your blog, and have given credit to your blog in my blog too. Thanks.

    Mail id: